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How to Elevate your Brand: 3 Principles

Your brand is an essential part of your business. It is the first thing clients see that impacts them and leaves an impression. The key is leaving the right impression that lasts. From large billboards to storefront signage to what you put out on social media every big or small element can communicate a lot about your business.

A brand is not just a logo, but rather your logo is just one cog in the branding machine of your business. Multiple elements make up a brand. Your branding as a whole impacts businesses powerfully and strategically. It is necessary to continually build your brand and invest in its growth.

These 3 ways can truly strengthen and elevate your brand:


People do business with people, not businesses. When your brand is genuine, and authentic and shows your values in all you do clients will connect easily. Being honest and open will create trust and they will resonate with you. Your business values need to be portrayed honestly, this shows clients what your brand is and isn’t willing to do. In this day and age of technology, clients can find or share any information easily, so if what you’re saying and what you’re doing is different they will make it known. An authentic brand is transparent and consistent in its messaging and branding initiatives.


Every interaction a client has with your business is an opportunity for you to leave a positive lasting experience that they will remember. This is what makes them return for your services/product. Whether you are a service or product-based business a client experience is essential. This starts by viewing everything through your client's eyes. Every interaction a client has with your brand should be consistent and true to your brand’s values.

If you are a service-based business a great way to turn a good client experience into a better one is simply managing expectations. As part of the initial welcome email once the client has been onboarded Include a Welcome Kit where you officially and formally welcome them and also include any important information they might need to know. Do not forget to include details on what to expect and when to expect it. You should provide your clients with a timeline of what to expect. Setting clear guidelines as to the expectations of both parties keeps clients from getting let down or upset in the future.

By creating a pleasant and memorable experience your clients will not only always return for your service or product but you best believe they will be sending many referrals.


This is a big one for me and it’s the one that a lot of small businesses get wrong. Having consistency in EVERYTHING that involves your brand - website, packing, signage, marketing material, and especially social media just makes you look professional. It creates trust and it also helps you stand out to clients. Now, what do I mean by consistency? It simply means the same colours, imagery, and logo, no matter if it’s digital or print. Your brand should be easily recognisable even with a glance. This consistency should extend to every element of your brand whether it’s in person, over the phone, or in an email. Do they get the same level of excellence and service? This also leads back to our first point because with consistency you can guarantee you will give clients a five-star experience with your brand. It assists in shaping perceptions and strengthens your brand.

Your brand identity is your business's first impression. It needs to speak to your ideal client and convey all the important information they need to know.

Focusing on your brand’s experience, consistency, and authenticity, will easily help elevate your brand. Start small and build on top of the progress you make. The more you invest in these principals, the more valuable your brand will be to your clients.

Need to revamp your branding or maybe get your brand started. Book your discovery call today and together we’ll explode your business in 2023.


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