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Social Media vs Website

Which is better for your business?

What do you focus on?

I have heard ALL the reasons why business owners opt for ONLY having a social media presence and NO website.

These two avenues are complimentary.

Both with the same goal, to allow your business to grow.


Your social media doesn’t belong to you, you don’t own your space or your followers.

Your website is owned and controlled by you. If something isn’t working for you, you can change it at anytime.

If social media had to disappear how would you reach your followers???

Let’s look at the benefits of both:


  1. Be found easily online

  2. Promote your services in a digital space

  3. Integrating into your sales funnel

  4. Establish credibility and social proof

  5. Providing key information about you & your business

Social Media:

  1. Helping you connect with your clients

  2. Building your brand and reputation

  3. Sharing your services & products

  4. Reaching new audiences

  5. Encouraging interaction with your brand

Don’t put your focus on just one avenue.

Social media is important, but so is having a website.

It's okay if you dont have a website as yet. Now is the best time to get one up and running. Book your complimentary discovery call to learn more about how we can help you with your brand and website design. Together we’ll explode your business in 2023.


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