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What is a wedding monogram?

The monogram dates back to over 2,000 years ago. It was the symbol on Greek and Roman money. Over time it has been adapted and used for family crests, and of course weddings.

Over the past few years wedding monograms have become more popular than ever. These custom designed monograms can have so many variations, like having the couples initials, surname and also full names. They bring a certain flair of elegance and also a personal touch to so many elements for you wedding day. I also believe it is a representation of the new beginning for the couple - two becoming one.

I simply love designing these for my clients. It is actually one of the first things I start with when creating the wedding invitation designs. I design them with my clients in mind and consider the theme/style of the wedding as well. I have certainly designed a few beauties for some very special couples.

Wedding monograms have so many uses for that special day:

#1 Invitations

The invitation would not be complete without the monogram. Well of course you would need the date, time and venue as well, but the monogram just adds that extra flair and flourish. Use the monogram on the wedding invitation and other cards that will accompany the invitation.

#2 Wax Seal Stamp

If you are using an envelope for your invitations (some couples opt for other designs depending on the theme/style of the wedding) wouldn’t it be lovely and oh so romantic to seal the envelope with a wax seal bearing your gorgeous personal monogram. The monogram can also be converted into a wax seal stamp (we can do this for you) a little more love to add to your invitations.

#3 Wedding Stationery/Decor/Signage

This theme can be carried through on all your on the day stationery/decor/signage like menus, tags, table numbers, welcome/direction signs, centrepieces, dance floor/window decals, monogram lights that shine on the floor or across a wall.

#5 Wedding Guest book

Your guest book allows your loved ones to share well wishes with you on your special day. It can become a sentimental heirloom that is passed down to your children, it should be a beautiful, good quality book that can include your beautiful wedding monogram on the cover.

#5 Wedding Photographs

Photo booths have become very popular to have at weddings. It’s a fun way of allowing guests to be silly and also create memories. Yours guests will leave you will have more photos to remember that special day. If you are renting a photo booth then you can use wedding monogram as a watermark on each picture - again another personal touch. A bonus is that a photo booth has the benefit of providing your guests with additional party favours - whoop whoop

So many uses for these gorgeous custom monograms that will add a special touch to your wedding day.

If you are planning for your special day and would like a custom designed wedding monogram head over to our contact page and let's chat.

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